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WONAIXI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (WNX) is a professional manufacturer of rare earth salts. WNX have 30+ kinds of products are widely used in automobile exhaust catalyst, water pollution treatment, permanent magnet materials, medicine, ceramics, coatings, luminescent materials and many other industries. With more than 10 years of R&D and production experience, we have a number of national invention patents and scientific achievements rated as the national leading level, which enables us to continue to provide customers with competitive and high-quality products on a large scale.


Rare earths are already used in every aspect of life

Rare earth elements are the general name of 17 elements in group ⅢB, including scandium, yttrium lanthanides with atomic number 57 between 71. Rare earth elements have unique 4f electronic structure, large atomic magnetic moment, strong self-selected coupling and other characteristics. When forming rare earth complexes with other elements, the coordination number can vary between 6 and 12, and the crystal structure of rare earth compounds is also various. This makes it with many other elements do not have the optical, electrical, magnetic properties, known as the "treasure house" of new materials, in metallurgy, petrochemical, optics, laser, hydrogen storage, display panel, magnetic materials and other modern industrial fields are widely used. China is the world's largest reserve and producer of rare earth. As a rare earth material manufacturer in China, WONAIXI New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is able to provide competitive products to its customers.

Company News


“Zirconium Acetate: Excellent Performance, Wide Applications, Leading New Developments in Materials”

Zirconium acetate, with the chemical formula Zr(CH₃COO)₄, is a compound with unique properties that has attracted widespread attention in the field of materials. Zirconium acetate  has  two forms, solid and liquid .And it has good chemical stability and thermal stability. It can maintain its own...


Exploring Ceric Sulfate: Properties, Uses and Scientific Mysteries

Ceric sulfate, a compound of significant importance in the field of chemistry, attracts the attention of numerous scientists and researchers with its unique properties and wide range of applications. The chemical formula of ceric sulfate is Ce(SO₄)₂, and it usually exist...

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